Easy Checklist

Manage your TaskAnyone lists on your PC.

For years, people have been tracking tasks with a pen and paper, simply jotting down responsibilities, underlining priorities, adding notes in the margin, and checking off jobs when completed. Why should a computerized version be more complicated than this?

Unlike the many elaborate project management, calendar and personal organizer tools on the market today, Checklist gives you what you need without unnecessary frills. Intentionally designed with a straightforward interface and streamlined functionality, this simple, powerful, flexible program helps you outline what needs to be done so you stay on top of business without missing a step. 

System requirements: Windows XP or greater with 512MB of RAM

Adapt to Changes

  • Add, delete, edit, organize and reorganize items with ease
  • Reshuffle items as priorities change and new commitments arise
  • Switch between lists to juggle multiple projects without dropping any balls
  • Toggle between "To Do" and "Done" lists in one click

Keep Track of Tasks

  • Maintain a separate list of action items for each project, client or team member
  • Write down ideas, errands, duties or goals, arranging them into related groups for an efficient workflow
  • Insert notes, descriptions and reminders along the way
  • Simply check off items as tasks are completed

Manage Time

  • Distill projects into manageable tasks and sub-tasks
  • Set realistic deadlines for deliverables, knowing what else is on your plate
  • Log and compare estimate versus actual completion times

Highlight Priorities

  • Color-code items in red, yellow and green according to urgency
  • Flag items as "Due Today" and review the day's priorities in one handy list

Record Accomplishments

  • Document your daily work load - acts as a time sheet, work log and status review
  • Maintain a valuable archive of completed project checklists

Easy to Learn and Use

  • Quick access from tray bar - no need to upload large programs or log online
  • Use menu, drop-and-drag or keyboard shortcuts
  • Intuitive interface uses a familiar tree outline - expand and collapse branches to see the big picture or view the detailed sub-tasks required along the way
  • Manage projects and daily duties without complex Gantt charts, calendars or critical paths
"TaskAnyone.com is the best way to manage your tasks"