What users say about TaskAnyone.

"Kieffer & Associates uses TaskAnyone to manage a complex set of challenges where thousands of tasks are easily organized and updated by non-technical people. TaskAnyone enables our employees to have access to all of the projects and their details at a moment's notice from any location. All of these benefits add up to better communication, greater efficiency and less stress for us."

Kieffer & Associates,
Jim Kieffer, CEO

"We use TaskAnyone to manage a large variety of projects. It's robust, has fantastic features, is easy to use, reliable and available all the time. It exceeds our expectations."

Brett Harnett, Associate Director,
UCND Health

"I've been looking for project management software for our financial institution for years and finally found in TaskAnyone. It is by far the best project planning tool on the market. We use TaskAnyone for all types of projects. It's easy to use, yet powerful enough to control organization wide projects."

Daniel Smith, Project Group
Admirals Bankers

"We love TaskAnyone! We have a globally distributed workforce with employees in the US and around the world. We needed a project management solution that would enable our global teams to collaborate. We first investigated setting up our own Microsoft Project server but the IT burden and costs were too high. We then investigated over 20 different solutions. We selected TaskAnyone because it had the exact features we required without needing much training or setup. I would highly recommend it."

Jeff Kim, Chief Operating Officer,
CLN Networks Inc.

"By implementing TaskAnyone, we're better managing our resources. Having the ability to review resource availability easily across all projects, helps us determine which projects can be implemented and by when."

Melissa Coleman, City of Fayetteville,
US Government Department

"As soon as our projects are setup in TaskAnyone, our whole team can login to update status online. The dashboard tells us where we need to focus our attention and the 'Due this week' report tells us which activities to review at the next team meeting."

Brian Belworthy, Senior Project Manager,
Telecom New Zealand

"I've looked at all the online tasking and project management systems and nothing is as simple and effective as TaskAnyone. Its the best solution for tasking, and getting the job done, period."

Mark Brooks President,
Courtland Books Agency

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