Key Features

Learn what's under the hood at TaskAnyone.

Quick Task Creation

To create a personal task, just type in your task title and click the "Add task" button. The task will instantly appear in the list above it. You won't even have to reload the page! You can create tons of tasks very quickly in this way. If you wish to add more details than just a task title you can click on the "more options" link. This will allow you to specify an optional description, notes, priority, start date, due date and estimated time.

The Task List

We have strived to keep the list of tasks looking as clean as possible. Most task information is displayed on a single line with additional descriptive text displayed in collapsible and distinct blue boxes. It is also important to note that tasks can be organised into trees that go as deep as you need them to. Task information is displayed in multiple columns that are automatically hidden if not used - thus helping to eliminate clutter.

On-Demand Nagging

The ability to request updates from or "nag" team members that you have sent tasks to is an incredibly useful tool for managers who want to know what is going on with the tasks that they have assigned.

To send an update request on a task, simply hover over the task and select "Send Nag" from the task menu. You will be prompted to give a custom "nag-message" that will appear in an update request email that is sent to the owner of the task.

TaskAnyone is the first online task management system to build an on-demand nagging function and has a patent pending on this feature.

Easy Drag and Drop Actions

Task lists can be reordered and tasks can be moved from folder to folder by simply executing a "drag and drop" action.

To move tasks around within a folder:

  1. Begin dragging the task by clicking on it and holding down the mouse button.
  2. Keep the button down, and drag the cursor over another task in the task list.
  3. Once your mouse cursor is over the destination task, release your mouse button, and the task you are dragging will be placed immediately after the task you are dropping it onto.

Address Book Auto-Completion

Assigning tasks triggers an auto-complete function providing a list of previous emails that you have sent tasks to that match the text that is currently in the edit box. For example, if you're in the "assigned to" field and type the letter 'a', the address book popup will display all the emails in your list that start with the letter 'a'. If you add another letter 'b' then the list will be reduced to all emails that start with "ab". If you see the email you want in the list, just click on it to avoid having to type it all into the box manually.

Open-Access TaskAnyone Emails

Email alerts are central to the functioning of TaskAnyone because it allows people to keep track of what is going on without constantly needing to login.

When you send a task to someone who is not familiar with TaskAnyone it has to be very simple for them to respond. For this reason TaskAnyone emails all contain special hyperlinks that allow you to instantly log on and access TaskAnyone functionality like task completion or updating with a single click of the mouse! This means that the person who is receiving the task does not need to have setup a TaskAnyone account or password in order to complete the tasks sent to them.

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